Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Public School So Far

We've had our first parent/teacher conferences of the year. I was really nervous, but I shouldn't have been.

P is doing amazingly, as usual. Her worst grade is a B, and she works so hard at everything! Her teacher loves her, said she was a great student and an even better kid! Such a proud mommy moment!

G is loving school. He's still at a point where they don't do letter grades, as they feel that would be too much about how much they know not how much they're trying. He is having some issues with letters and numbers. They've put him in intervention classes for it, but they do games and active play instead of papers and tests. He's learning, growing, and figuring it out. At this point no one is concerned (ok, no one except me lol) and they just want to make sure he's enjoying school.

Overall everything went well, the kids are very well liked in school and they're loving going!

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