Saturday, December 6, 2014

Birthdays and Breakdowns

G turned 5 yesterday. After I put all the kids to bed I sat down and cried, full on tears, panic and breakdown.  L turned 2 a couple months ago, G just turned 5, P turns 10 in a few months....They're growing and needing me less and less. I'm honestly a bit afraid. I've never done anything with my life outside of being a mom, what am I supposed to do when they don't need me anymore? I know they'll always need me, but it'll be different....I guess this is just part of motherhood. I'm scared but I'm also so far beyond the excited! It's amazing watching them grow, develop personalities, become the little people that they are. These kids amaze me more and more every single day, I consider myself lucky to be witness to something so amazing. 

I'm heading to bed. The kids may do amazing things, but that shit is tiresome lol. Good night dear followers.

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