Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When Did That Happen?!

Today G was playing xbox, some wizard game that I don't even know what it's called. I'd set it up on the tutorial, figuring it'd talk to him. Nope...it was pretty much all words on the screen! Last I knew, G couldn't read outside of recognizing his own name. I watched, waiting for him to get frustrated and ask for help. He kept doing what the tutorial was saying to do, and I figured it was a fluke. Suddenly, he came running over to ask if this button is the start button, I let him know that it was, and then he went back to the T.V. At that point my little man, at only 4 years old, never having been "taught" to read anything, started reading the instructions out loud! I was stunned! Yet another sign that unschooling is working! I have no idea when he started being able to read, but the fact that he can is awesome! Every day I lose a little more of my fear that I'm not doing the right thing, every day G shows me that I'm doing exactly the right thing for him! I wonder how long it'll be before L starts reading?

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