Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: GEN-Y Next Gen Uni Cover

I signed up for a giveaway hosted by GEN-Y for my pick of an in stock diaper cover. The dance I did in my front yard while waiting for P's bus to pick her up, after getting my YOU WON email, definitely shows how excited I was to finally be able to get my hands on one of these covers!

We've used the cover, with a cheap flat from wal-mart, for a few days now. I've washed it a few times too. I was a little concerned when I washed it the first time, such vibrant colors don't usually stay that way after washing. The cover made it through my whole wash/dry routine and came out looking exactly the same! The colors are still very vibrant, the diaper had no shrinking, and after a few washes it's still looks brand new!

This is our first diaper with side snaps. I had to look at it for a second, but I was quickly able to figure it out. I'm thinking side snapping diapers may have become my favorite! L started trying to use the potty a while ago, he won't actually "go" and doesn't seem interested in doing it, he just wants to sit there like the big kids. The GEN-Y Next Gen Uni cover is super simple for him to get on and off, without need of help, which makes things go so much smoother around here!

GEN-Y Next Gen Uni cover is a cloth diaper I'm more than happy to tell everyone about! The one and only thing I can think that would make them better would be for me to have money so I can buy more! Yep, look at that, I can't even come up with something for the diaper itself! I can't find anything about the Gen-Y Next Gen Uni cover that I don't like.

Have you used GEN-Y Next Gen Uni covers? Or any other GEN-Y products? If so what do you think about them?

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