Thursday, October 30, 2014


As I've said before P is in public school, her choice and I support her, as she's thriving and doing amazing! The boys are learning at home, G is technically old enough for preschool and L has a few years to go before we even need to think about school of any kind. Hubs is letting me do the at home thing, without much complaint, but he doesn't really seem on board...or at least he didn't seem on board until recently. G still doesn't read or write or spell, but he can do math years beyond what his peers can do! L is even figuring out basic addition! I haven't actually taught them anything though, they've learned just from watching others and asking questions. It seems like it's going really well, unschooling seems like the way to go for them, with every other thing I do as a mom I second guess myself all the time. This morning though...this morning I realized that I need to let go of my fears, my boys are learning and they're doing it happily! So, I'm going to let it go and just see what happens. If anything, legally you don't have to start school until you're 7 years old so if it does become needed the option will still be there later.
This was this morning. The boys decided they wanted to play a math game. I'm pretty sure they didn't even realize that they were learning, but play is the best form of learning!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post at Together on Tuesdays. I homeschooled my kids, and also have many great memories of them learning :)