Saturday, October 25, 2014

Good Morning Present

I wanted so much to post about this as soon as it happened yesterday, but with everyone home for a change computer time was limited! L got up crazy early, like he always does. I heard him hollering for me and went to get him (there's a baby gate in his doorway...he's a runner if given the chance lol) and what do I find? Naked butt! Ok, that's whatever...I can deal with first thing in the a.m. nakedness. He hands me his diaper, I say thanks and put my other hand out to help him over the gate. It was at that point...that...that he handed me shit, real shit. I about threw up! I can handle a nasty blow out of a diaper with no problems, I can catch puke in my hands, but to just be handed a handful of shit?! Nope, can't do it! After lots of washing of our hands, and more washing of our hands, we were ready to start the day! Thankfully this morning I was greeted with kiss, that's a much better morning present!

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