Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dump & Sweep

I'm really not sure why my 2 year old does it, but he's constantly dumping things out on the floor just so he can get the broom and sweep them up! Crayons, change, blocks, small cars...pretty much anything that can be dumped, will be dumped! Seriously? The floor hasn't been swept today, I'm only 1 cup of coffee into the day (be happy I started diaper laundry already LOL!) so if you really feel like you need to sweep stuff up, just sweep the dirt off the floor and we'll be good! You get to sweep like you want, and I'll get to sit on my ass and still have a clean floor! Sound good? No?! Ugh...fine! You just keep having fun, I'll go do the mommy stuff.

This post brought to you by a sleep deprived mommy who has an overwhelmingly large amount of housework to do, with kids who don't like to clean real messes, only the ones they make for the purpose of using the broom LOL!

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