Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting 2014!


As I've said before P is in public school, her choice and I support her, as she's thriving and doing amazing! The boys are learning at home, G is technically old enough for preschool and L has a few years to go before we even need to think about school of any kind. Hubs is letting me do the at home thing, without much complaint, but he doesn't really seem on board...or at least he didn't seem on board until recently. G still doesn't read or write or spell, but he can do math years beyond what his peers can do! L is even figuring out basic addition! I haven't actually taught them anything though, they've learned just from watching others and asking questions. It seems like it's going really well, unschooling seems like the way to go for them, with every other thing I do as a mom I second guess myself all the time. This morning though...this morning I realized that I need to let go of my fears, my boys are learning and they're doing it happily! So, I'm going to let it go and just see what happens. If anything, legally you don't have to start school until you're 7 years old so if it does become needed the option will still be there later.
This was this morning. The boys decided they wanted to play a math game. I'm pretty sure they didn't even realize that they were learning, but play is the best form of learning!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Air Museum Trip

P is the only kid in our house who goes to public school, it's her choice and although I'd prefer she stay home, she loves public school and is thriving there. She had a day off not long ago so she got to join us for a homeschool/unschool adventure! The boys love air planes, guns, military, and learning about wars. Hubs happened to get a great idea and asked if they wanted to see the big military planes parked on the grounds of our local air base (parts are public, so even us nonmilitary peoples can go) and of course they said yes! While we were there we realised that the national guard air museum was not only open, but free! Double win! The kids enjoyed it so much, and getting to see/touch stuff was really cool! It was a great time, filled with lots of learning that was just too fun to feel like learning.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Good Morning Present

I wanted so much to post about this as soon as it happened yesterday, but with everyone home for a change computer time was limited! L got up crazy early, like he always does. I heard him hollering for me and went to get him (there's a baby gate in his doorway...he's a runner if given the chance lol) and what do I find? Naked butt! Ok, that's whatever...I can deal with first thing in the a.m. nakedness. He hands me his diaper, I say thanks and put my other hand out to help him over the gate. It was at that point...that...that he handed me shit, real shit. I about threw up! I can handle a nasty blow out of a diaper with no problems, I can catch puke in my hands, but to just be handed a handful of shit?! Nope, can't do it! After lots of washing of our hands, and more washing of our hands, we were ready to start the day! Thankfully this morning I was greeted with kiss, that's a much better morning present!

Little Gamers

I've got little gamers in my home. All 3 kids love video games, preferably xbox 360 games. Their newest obsession, you ask? Minecraft! We don't even have the full game, just the trail. The amount of time and effort that they've put into the trial amazes me, especially since they all know that after 20 minutes the trail kicks them off and they have to start all over from scratch. I guess I know what we're getting the kids next!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Future?

The boys destroyed their room this morning. I finally managed to convince them that they want to clean up the mess...don't ask how, because I'm still not sure (and yes, I'll probably be kicking myself in the ass for not writing down how I managed to pull this off come tomorrow.) L had his teddy and was heading back towards his room, all of a sudden he turned around and came jogging over to me. He handed me Teddy and told me to watch him, he'd be back soon. He sat Teddy in my lap, gave him a kiss and then walked away. No thank you, no kiss for mommy, just "hey, watch my "kid" and walking away! Is this going to be my future? Damn...I so hope not lol.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dump & Sweep

I'm really not sure why my 2 year old does it, but he's constantly dumping things out on the floor just so he can get the broom and sweep them up! Crayons, change, blocks, small cars...pretty much anything that can be dumped, will be dumped! Seriously? The floor hasn't been swept today, I'm only 1 cup of coffee into the day (be happy I started diaper laundry already LOL!) so if you really feel like you need to sweep stuff up, just sweep the dirt off the floor and we'll be good! You get to sweep like you want, and I'll get to sit on my ass and still have a clean floor! Sound good? No?! Ugh...fine! You just keep having fun, I'll go do the mommy stuff.

This post brought to you by a sleep deprived mommy who has an overwhelmingly large amount of housework to do, with kids who don't like to clean real messes, only the ones they make for the purpose of using the broom LOL!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mommy Blog?!

I finally decided to jump on the mommy blogger bandwagon! Woo! "Introdoction?" you say? Alright, I can do that.

I'm Kirstie, I'm the Queen Mom of this house.

Hubs works, a lot, but is a great dad!

P is our only girl, she's 9yo. She loves books, arts and crafts, music, pinterest, playing on electronics, and hanging with her friends.

G is the oldest boy (a touch of middle child syndrome here lol), he's 4yo. He likes rough and tumble, monster trucks, Legos, superheros, and video games.

L is the youngest, he's 2yo. He likes books, playing outside, TMNT, superheros, video games, tablets, coloring on the floor, and in general making a mess!

We have 2 cats and a flock of chickens. Currently the chickens are on a friends farm until we can get the new coop built.

Well, that's us. Here you'll get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hopefully I'll even be able to add reviews and giveaways as time goes on!